Bond Cleaning – 7 tips to getting your bond back

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May 7, 2017
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Bond Cleaning – 7 tips to getting your bond back

Bond Cleaning

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Bond Cleaning… 7 tips to getting your bond back.

Getting your deposit back can sometimes be a difficult task with some real estates. Most people in the rental cycle rely on the bond from one property to assist with the next. It is kind of like “found money” and can be very helpful balancing out moving costs.

To make sure you don’t have a hold up with your bond, here are 7 things to do when moving out.


Number 1 – Patch up holes

Once you’ve taken your down your paintings, cleaned the walls, removed the hooks and filled in the holes with some Selley’s Filler. Don’t forget to sand the spots to create a smooth wall that your landlord apply some paint on.

Number 2 – Repaint

Don’t start this step unless you check with your landlord first. It can depends on what you agreed to when you first moved in. But if you have painted when you weren’t supposed to or agreed to repaint when you moved out, then this big chore is a must. An online site called suggests “painting parties” like getting friends involved. Or you can just hire a friendly painter at  a budget friendly price.


Number 3 – Clean out the oven, fridge & dishwasher.

It is  always nice to leave an apartment how you found it (which means cleaning the oven, dishwasher and sometimes even the fridge). Start these tasks at least a month to two weeks before the big move day to make the process easier, even lining the oven with foil to protect it from mess before you leave.

Number 4 – Hire a Professional Bond Cleaner

Too many times have we heard that real estates are unhappy with the cleaning and hire cleaners to come in an redo the cleaning which comes out of the bond, usually at a premium rate. Save yourself the agony of dealing with a stubborn property manager and hire a cleaning from the start. Producing the cleaners receipt means the landlord or property manager has no comeback on you.

Number 5 – Leave the Property Empty

You might think that leaving furniture, brooms or even baking soda will help out the landlord but it is actually just another thing that will cause the phone to call and you to be asked back. Donate things that you don’t plan on taking with you.


Number 6 – Round-up the keys

There are always spare keys laying around so don’t forget to gather all the keys to hand in.

Number 7 – Plan an inspection

moneyhandovercropedSchedule a time for you and your landlord to walk through the rental property. This will give you a chance to show your property manager that everything has been taken care of and ensure that the bond will be finalised (providing steps 1 to 6 are taken care of). The most important step is hiring a cleaner who can handle the Bond Cleaning for you and give you peace of mind that your bond will be coming back into your hands.


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