Meth Decontamination

In Australia the illegal manufacture of the drug methamphetamine within clandestine drug labs, referred to as “meth labs”, is increasing each year

Properties contaminated from former meth labs are popping up all across Australia. The chemical residues left behind are toxic and can lead to serious long lasting health effects and even death.

Coast 2 Coast Cleaning are national leaders in providing post lab testing and meth lab cleaning services throughout Australia. Our team of meth lab cleaning technicians are available to discuss any meth lab testing and clean up services you may require.

How do we know if our house or rental property may be contaminated?

Residential meth labs frequently remain undetected.

There are some clear signs that can assist owners, such as:

  • Property damage
  • Acidity burns to benches and drains
  • Discolouration to walls and flooring
  • Strong acidic odours (similar to cat urine)

Book Meth Lab Cleaning Service with Coast 2 Coast

You can be confident that your technician has over 20 years’ experience.

Combined with industry accreditation and qualifications associated with meth lab clean ups, decontamination and testing, our testing officer can assist with evaluation, management and remediation going forward.

Our services can be used for many types of contaminations from meth labs and marijuana houses to crime and stress scenes, industrial mishaps and other biohazard circumstances.