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April 28, 2017
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Professional Cleaners

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Here are some very valuable tips from US site The Spruce in dealing with the cleaning issues surrounding vacating a property and the importance of hiring professional cleaners. Coast 2 Coast Cleaning hears similar stories like this all the time…

“I recently had a friend move into a new rental apartment and she complained about how much time she spent cleaning her old apartment. And when it came time for the inspection, her former landlord didn’t even do a thorough inspection. She was frustrated by the amount of time and energy she put into cleaning even though she was happy to get her security deposit back. My suggestion? Hire cleaners.”

The Spruce goes on to highlight the following important points which we have summaries below:

Assess Your Home First

Before you call the professional cleaners, make sure you do a proper assessment of your home, including any trouble spots that might require extra elbow-grease. For instance, the area behind the fridge or the inside of the oven. Make a list of trouble spots, make sure you know the square-footage and be aware of what your landlord will be looking for; my friend’s former landlord checked the inside of the fridge, the living room blinds and made sure the toilets were clean. If you have your rental agreement or lease, check to see if there are any specific stipulations to ensure you get your damage deposit back.

Figure Out Your Moving Schedule

If you’re moving within the same city or your move won’t take you too far from your old place, it’s a good idea to arrange your move-out date so that you’ll have an extra day or two left on your old lease. This will allow you to move out of your old home before the cleaners arrive.

The cleaners can then have a vacant apartment to clean ensuring that no spots will be missed.

If you’re moving to new home that’s far from your old home, you may need to hire professional cleaners before you’re able to move out. If this happens, try to place all packed boxes in the centre of the room. Remove all contents of the fridge and freezer and ensure that the cleaners have access to any problem areas. Let the cleaning company know that your home is packed up before you hire so the staff know what to expect.

First, tell the professional cleaners what you need cleaned, the square footage and about any problem areas; give them a tour then stay out of the way.

If you have a list of cleaning jobs you need them to do, write them down so you can go over the areas afterward and the cleaners don’t need to remember what to do. Once you’ve given them the tour, get out of the way. Don’t make the cleaners clean around you.

All of the above tips can help make your move and the cleaners jobs as simple as possible. Don’t clean a place yourself and risk losing the bond. Let professional cleaners do the work to guarantee your bond refund.

Contact Coast 2 Coast Cleaning by clicking here to know that your property is in the hands of professional cleaners.


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