Solar Panel Cleaning

You’ve invested a significant amount in your solar system…only to let it sit there in the elements. Unfortunately rain is an inefficient cleaner – does rain clean your windows?
Accumulated dirt reduces the solar performance and efficiency of your panels.

Our solar panel cleaning difference:

  • We take before and after photographs for you
  • We work to current AS/ANZ 4801 requirements
  • No chemicals or potentially damaging cleaners used
  • We use only purified and de-ionised water
  • Our quotes are free and without obligation
  • 100% Safety record

Solar panel recommendations

Some manufacturers of solar panels recommend cleaning every 12 months, some every 24 months. Our experience has shown that most installations benefit from a cleaning every 24 months, however if your panels are located directly under trees they can be very susceptible to leaf and chlorophyll contamination and should be cleaned more regularly